Industry Common Induction

Seaton Rail is an approved RTAS Training and Assessment Provider for the delivery of ICI Assessments.

Assessments take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete and can be assessed at training centres in Bridlington and Goole or at a venue of your choice. 

The industry common induction (ICI) covers the safety procedures and risks that are common across the whole UK rail industry.

Developed by Network Rail in partnership with ISLG (Infrastructure Safety Liaison Group) and RIAG (Rail Infrastructure Assurance Group), it gives a consistent health and safety induction for working on railway construction sites, rail depots and station maintenance.

The aim is for the ICI to become the entry level competence for working in the rail industry.

ICI will improve safety and productivity on sites:

  • Because all workers have had the ICI, their site-specific inductions can focus on the risks and hazards that are particular to the job they are doing and the place where they are working.
  • The knowledge testing makes sure the induction has been understood.
  • There is re-certification every 60 months to make sure knowledge is kept up-to-date.
  • There are clear records of the whole workforce, trackside and non-trackside. 

Once you have done the e-learning and passed the assessment, the ICI competence is added to your Sentinel card record.