Accident Investigation

Near miss recording, accident investigation and close call are all key to ensuring the successful outcome of a project.

In a railway environment, accidents can have a devastating outcome. The railway industry takes accident investigation and near miss very seriously and there are stringent processes that need to be followed. Unfortunately when an incident does occur, it can often have detrimental effect on the client and the main contractor.

Our consultants are used to working in partnership with both the client and the main contractor to ensure that after an incident a proficient accident investigation is completed and that systems and processes are amended to resolve any findings.

Our policy for our retained clients means that we often attend sites and incidents before the client’s safety team have started their own investigation. We offer an independent investigation process which has served our clients well in many instances where our findings and recommendations have been adopted by the main client and due to the speed and professionalism of conducting the investigation the contractor has been able to continue working on their current and future projects due to their continuing improvement of safety standards.