Possession and Isolation Planning                         

Seaton Rail is a leading supplier to Network Rail and leading industry clients for the provision of professional possession planning. We form a collaborative partnership with all our clients to achieve maximum productivity and performance metrics to get the job done.

Seaton Rail can quickly provide a bespoke, dedicated and experienced workforce of the highest quality to our clients thus enabling maximum possession utilisation and project delivery within agreed budget and time constraints. In addition all of our staff has extensive route knowledge reducing dramatically the risk of any of your works being aborted.                       

Our planning team have the required knowledge and expertise to:

  • Input Engineering Possessions applications into Network Rail's Possession Planning System (PPS)
  • Complete Railway Business Case and Access & Resource Planning Change Request Forms (ARPCR) for late requests.
  • Attend all Pre-Possession Planning Meetings up to and including the PICOP Briefing.
  • Plan Isolation's and book Engineering Trains.
  • Input Line Blockages to be published in the Weekly Operating Notice (WON) that require the stoppage of all trains onto the PPS.
  • Complete all necessary possession documentation
  • Produce a Possession Plan and update clients weekly on the status of their work sites.

For more information on Possession and Isolation Planning, please contact a member of our Planning Team by emailing: info@seaton-rail.com or by calling 01262 608313 (during normal office hours).