Safe System of Work Planning (SSOW)                         

Safety of People Working 'On or Near the Line' (NR/L2/OHS/019)

Creating a safe working environment track side requires careful planning before work can begin. A job that is planned well is more likely to make full use of available resources, be more cost-effective and above all be safer to implement.

Seaton Rail is a leading supplier to Network Rail and leading industry clients for the provision of professional Safe System of Work planning (SSOW). We form a collaborative partnership with all our clients to achieve maximum productivity and performance metrics to get the job done. 

Our full in-house SSOW planning facilities, enabling our licensed staff to plan your work to the safest standards, making full use of available resources and ensuring work is carried out in the most cost-effective way.

All our SSOW Planners are Network Rail Approved and holders of the Safe System of Work Planning' Competency.

We will plan your work to highest achievable Safe System consistent with the nature of the work, time allocated, available equipment and resources. 

All our Planners have extensive route knowledge reducing dramatically the risk of any of your works being aborted.                        

For more information on Safe System of Work Planning, please contact a member of our Planning Team by emailing: or by calling 01262 608313 (during normal office hours).